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Workshop Title: NASA Space Technology for Continuous Non-Toxic Air and Surface Disinfection



Review the science behind ActivePure Technology as it relates to greatly reducing the spread of infectious diseases and mitigating the effects of environmental hazards and carcinogens while providing LEED Certification points. Focus on health-promoting environments and preventative measures with upstream solutions. ActivePure aggressively annihilates air and surface contaminants on contact 24/7, is safe to breathe continuously and safe for sensitive equipment. ActivePure was recently inducted into the Space Technology Hall of Fame.


Benefits of Attending

Establish infection prevention strategies utilizing ActivePure while providing assurance of a Green and healthy indoor air quality for staff, patients and families. Understand this non-invasive, continuous purification strategy requiring no room downtime or monitoring.


Brief Summary of Content

– Research detailing the history and science behind an advanced version of NASA’s Photo-Catalytic Oxidation (PCO) technology: ActivePure
– Supporting data proving significant micro-biocidal and sporicidal reduction of pathogens, VOC’s, moulds and toxic chemicals like Formaldehyde, odors, etc.
– Health benefits of ActivePure


Speaker: Beth Krah, Owner & CEO The Krah Corporation, LLC dba activTek Health Solutions Atlanta, GA USA

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