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Workshop Title: Smart Technology for Infection Prevention in Clinical Routines



– clinical routines and germ transmission

– modern infection prevention needs new supportive products and technology – new standards for hygienic working methods bolster compliance


Benefits of Attending

– awareness of hygienic weak spots

– insights on how innovative products make every day’s work more hygienic without complicating well-rehearsed processes

– The vision of an advanced and supporting hygienic workplace

– discussing reference projects and how those can be established in the UK


Brief Summary of Content

– Initial situation and risk of nosocomial infections

– Routines like hand hygiene and blood collection provide an immense risk of germ transmission – insufficiencies of current behaviour and products

– Presentation of product solutions for infection prevention

– Introducing daisygrip, the first hygienically-reusable venous tourniquet

– Presenting NosoEx, a convenient platform for hygiene monitoring

– Visionary outlook on „Smart Hospital“ processes



Karl Hartmann, Founder of daisygrip GmbH

Tobias Gebhardt, GWA Hygiene, Head of Business Development

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GWA Hygiene and daisygrip
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