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Workshop Title: Power up Infection Prevention with Surveillance


The pressures faced by an Infection Preventionist specialist means that effective time management is vital. Anything that can streamline or automate processes needs to be considered. Using surveillance software can have huge benefits for staff, patients and the organisation as a whole. Surveillance software implemented and utilised correctly can help Infection Prevention personnel deliver better outcomes for all.


Benefits of Attending
Gain a comprehensive picture of how software can help in your role. See how other hospitals are using this technology save time, reduce the burden of administration and improve the accuracy of data and information. Whether you currently use Infection Control software or are new to this, then see how RL Solutions software can help deliver some of these benefits. We’ll share some real stories from our clients, as well as looking at what is possible.


Brief Summary of Content
* Overview of Infection Surveillance Software (from RL Solutions)
* Some use case examples
* Look at the software in action
* Examine the quality and financial benefits achievable
Speaker: Peter Askew. VP Sales, UK and EMEA – RL Solutions
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