Workshop Title: Enhancing Environmental Bundles With “DRY” Hydrogen Peroxide


Theme: Utilizing novel technology to achieve a new steady state for environmental cleaning.


The pressures faced by an Infection Preventionist specialist means that effective time management is vital. Anything that can streamline or automate processes needs to be considered. Using surveillance software can have huge benefits for staff, patients and the organisation as a whole. Surveillance software implemented and utilised correctly can help Infection Prevention personnel deliver better outcomes for all.


Benefits of Attending
Attendees will learn how to enhance their environmental cleaning strategy using DRY hydrogen peroxide, a paradigm-shifting capability for microbial reduction. Hear how a 24/7, safe, green, maintenance free, labour free, odour free, non-intrusive comprehensive treatment of space, cleaning of air and remote or difficult-to-reach surfaces in addition to the exposed, high-touch surfaces can be achieved.


Brief Summary of Content
Understand DRY hydrogen peroxide and how it achieves uniform disinfection on a 24/7 basis
Discuss comprehensive treatment of space including remote or difficult-to-reach surfaces in addition to exposed, high-touch surfaces while maintaining a steady state
Learn how DHP can mitigate and kill insects in closed environments


Speaker: Jennifer Sanguinet, BSIS, MBA-HCM, CIC, FAPIC – Director of Infection Prevention Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center and Sunrise Childrens Hospital

Jennifer Sanguinet obtained her undergraduate degree in information systems from the University of Redlands, her master’s degree in business and healthcare management from the University of Phoenix and her certification in infection control from Certification Board in Infection Control.  She is currently pursuing her Doctorate in Public Health with a completion date by August 2020.

Jennifer began her career in Infection Prevention as an administrative assistant at UCLA and has now been a member of the infection prevention community for more than 20 years.  Jennifer has led multiple disaster preparedness events, in addition, her to her duties as the Infection Control Officer.  She has been privileged to work alongside outstanding clinical and ancillary personnel in the ever-changing world of global threats such as anthrax, swine flu and Ebola.

Her passionate dedication to continued learning in infection prevention has allowed her to work in multiple facilities including large teaching hospitals, faith-based, small community, and for-profit.  She has had numerous speaking engagements in her never-ending commitment to participate in shared learning at any opportunity.  In 2014, Jennifer joined Hospital Corporation of America (HCA) as the Director of Infection Prevention.  Throughout her time at West Hills Hospital & Medical Center, Jennifer worked diligently on hospital-acquired infections as the sole practitioner of a 225-bed facility.  She earned the HCA Clinical Excellence Award for Central Line-Associated Bloodstream Infection (CLABSI) Prevention in 2016.  She was published in the American Journal of Infection Control regarding the need for laboratorians and Infection Preventionists to work as a team and was privileged to speak at the Annual International Conference for Infection Control in 2015 held in Nashville, TN.  The culmination of the hard work was earning the status Fellow of the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (FAPIC) in 2017.

She feels her greatest accomplishment to date is her 2 children, 10-year-old Issy and 7-year-old Leo. But a close second is her ability to stay passionate about a field for over 20 years and to be able to “infect others” with the “IP bug”.Jennifer is currently the Director of Infection Prevention for Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center and Sunrise Children’s Hospital; a 690-bed acute care hospital that is part of the HCA system.  She can be reached via email at

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