Xstream Infection Control

Xstream Infection Control

XSTREAM Infection Control 2000 is the most powerful cost-effective antimicrobial solution available. Operating 24/7/365, XSTREAM does not use chemicals, UVX or copper coatings, poses no danger to human health, complimenting existing cleaning protocols. Testing directed by Kelly Reynolds PhD, at The University of Arizona College of Public Health, Environmental Exposure Science & Risk Assessment Center, in a 6-hour period, showed:

  • 97.6% reduction of bacteria and viruses in the air
  • 99.9% reduction of bacteria, viruses and b.thurgingiensis (C-diff surrogate) on surfaces
  • 99.8% reduction of bacteria and viruses on fabric/fomite surfaces. XSTREAM (UK) and XSTREAM (USA) were both created by HAI survivors.


Contact Information:


6 St Peters Close



NR13 4 NR


Tel:       07875383795

Email: jonathanweaver@xstreamicuk.co.uk